Argos car battery charger

Buy Challenge 6 Amp 12V Automatic Car Battery Charger at

At Argos we stock a wide range of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers to make sure you never run out of juice. There is few things more frustrating than not having any working batteries in the house. Thanks to our great range of battery chargers you can make sure that you have a constant supply of usable batteries available in your home! Our battery chargers are bought to you by trusted battery brands like Energizer and Duracell so you know you can trust that you're purchasing quality products for your devices and appliances. Many of our battery chargers even come with their own batteries so you can get your devices powered up straight away.

Whether it's toys and Xbox accessories, or alarm clocks and torches we've got the right batteries and chargers to keep you powered up all the time. Browse our range of corded chargers for all kinds of different electrical devices. It is always frustrating when your charger is lost or damaged so be sure that you always have a charger close to hand with one from our extensive range.

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