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There are many ways to connect a group of batteries in both series and parallel at the same time. This is common practice in many battery power appliances, particularly in electric vehicles and large UPS systems where the battery packs require large voltages and amp-hour capacities. It is not uncommon to have battery packs with several hundred volts and several hundred amp-hours.

Just to get an idea of how these connections can be made, we'll look at two examples, with 4 batteries each, using 12 volt, 20 Ah batteries. In each of the examples, the 4 batteries are identified as A, B, C, and D. Example 1, shown in Figure 4, has 2 pairs of series connected batteries joined in a single parallel connection. In this type of arrangement, we refer to each pair of series connected batteries as a "string". Batteries A and C are in series. Batteries B and D are in series. The string A and C is in parallel with the string B and D. Notice that the total battery pack voltage is 24 volts and that the total battery pack capacity is 40 amp-hours.

Figure 4: Batteries Connected in Series / Parallel: Example 1

Example 2, shown in Figure 5, has 2 pairs of parallel-connected batteries joined in a single series connection. Batteries A and B are in parallel. Batteries C and D are in parallel. The parallel combination A and B is in series with the parallel combination C and D. Again, the total battery pack voltage is 24 volts and that the total battery pack capacity is 40 amp-hours.

Figure 5: Batteries Connected in Series / Parallel: Example 2
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  • [The Dual Extension Cable Connector]- It can be used in case the lead wire of your Solar Panel or product is not long enough. Connect the Extension to the lead wire...
  • [The Male/Female Cigarette Lighter Plugs and 12V Barrel Adapter]- can be used to connect the solar products to various charge controllers and using terminals.
  • [The LED Charge Indicator ]- is used to determine if the solar charger/solar power kit is working(has sufficient electricity) or not under direct sunlight. Attach...
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