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Don’t want to get caught out with a flat battery on a cold and dreary morning. We can help keep you fully charged.

Your car battery is an important element of your car, it is a source of energy to start your ignition and it provides power to car accessories.

Other than your car battery being dead and not being able to start your car, the other signs your battery is on the way out include; corrosion and stains around the battery terminals and age. Short trip driving or infrequent car use, give a battery less time to re-charge, making it more likely to go flat.

Repco Authorised Service centre are battery experts and will always give sound advice. We have a large range of batteries to suit any type of vehicle so we are always prepared for that emergency flat battery disaster. When you bring your car in for a service we can also use the latest diagnostic equipment to test your battery.

If you think you car is in need of a re-charge visit your local Repco Authorised Service, we can test and replace batteries. Book an appointment with your local service centre today.

Nationwide warranty

At Repco Authorised Service all parts and servicing come with a nationwide warranty that will cover you for 12 months or 20, 000km (which ever comes first). You can rest easy knowing that we back our work with this extensive guarantee and that with 350 Repco Authorised Service centres Australia-wide you are never far from help.

Responsible Battery Recycling

Did you know that scrap batteries contain hazardous materials which, if not disposed of properly, can potentially be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife and the environment. The good news is that 99% of a battery is recyclable!

By recycling scrap batteries Repco Authorised Service is helping to prevent harm to people, animals and the environment, save energy and reduce landfill.

Our scrap batteries are delivered to specialist recycling centres where components are reclaimed and recycled to use in the manufacture of a range of products, including new batteries.

Erayak Technology Co,Ltd Erayak 12V Fully Automatic 8 Step Battery Charger with Detection&Repair Function,Water Resistant-IP65(C9004)
Wireless (Erayak Technology Co,Ltd)
  • Fully automatic charging and maintenance in 8 steps maximizes battery life and performance
  • Water and dust resistant-IP65 means it is safe to use in all climate situations
  • No sparks, short-circuit proof and reverse polarity protected makes it safe for all the vehicles electronics and easy to use
  • Patented maintenance charge for a unique combination of maximized life and performance
  • Numerous accessories simplifies using the same charger for multiple battery applications

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