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The Detail K2 Power2Go Battery Charger is an incredibly powerful yet versatile battery jump starter that literally sits in the palm of your hand. Slightly larger than an iPhone, it is powerful enough to jumpstart most full-size cars and trucks and can be easily stored in the glove box for convenience. Other uses include jumping batteries on Bobcats, ATV/UTVs, snowmobiles, golf carts and boats. With multiple ports and adapters included, there’s no longer a need to panic when your smartphone, tablet or laptop is running low on power either. Simply plug into the Power2Go and watch in amazement as your device quickly charges.

  • Built-in, rechargeable, high output lithium-ion battery

  • 14, 000 mAh capacity

  • Upgraded copper booster cables and clamps

  • Output: 12-Volt/5-Volt, 2 Amp

  • Peak current 500 Amp

  • 850 cold cranking amps starting current

  • Includes charging adaptors for most electronic devices as well as copper booster cables and clamps

  • Charging adapters for most major electronic devices

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