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Every engine—whether it is a car engine, a boat engine, or a lawn mower engine—needs power to start. In road vehicles, like cars and trucks, this power surge is provided by the battery. The battery must produce enough power to turn over the crankshaft, which then gets that engine going. Car batteries are designed to recharge as the car runs. Sometimes, however, that battery flops down dead. Without a working battery, your car will never start.

There are many reasons why your battery may have died. More than likely, someone left the headlights on or a door or trunk open. The lights were on all night, and the battery is drained. It is also possible that the battery is not getting enough charge while the car is running. This could be due to poor connectivity or faulty parts. Another common reason your battery is draining is simply that it is old and needs to be replaced.

Older batteries do not hold the charge of younger, more enthusiastic batteries, and drain frequently.

Battery Charging or Jump Starting?

If you have a dead (or near-dead) battery, you will need some help to get your vehicle started. For this, you have two options—jump starting or battery charging.

To jump start your car, you need a pair of jumper cables and another car. Hook your dead battery up to the running car using the cables. Your battery becomes charged by using the energy from the running battery. When you crank your engine, the running battery supports your battery to start the vehicle, and you can remove the jumper cables.

Car chargers are a second option for your dead battery. These are units that hook up to the battery and supply the energy themselves to charge it. This eliminates the need for a second vehicle to get you running again. These are very useful if the vehicle needing to be charged is parked in a way that it cannot be accessed by another vehicle—for example if it is up against a building or surrounded by other cars. This can also be a good option if you find yourself stranded and alone. Unlike with a jump start, car chargers will charge your battery to a workable capacity before you start your car. Depending on the charger, this could take a few minutes to a few hours.

Charge It!

Car chargers for your dead battery come in two types. The first is corded. This type plugs into a wall outlet and uses that electricity to charge your battery. These are good for providing a steady stream of reliable power without worrying about the charger draining.

The other type is the portable battery charger. These are good to keep in your fleet vehicles in case of emergencies. Portable car chargers do not need to be plugged in because they provide their own power source. This type of charger is designed to be kept in the vehicle at all times, ready to provide the charge you need regardless of where your car may be when it needs it. Portable car charges come in many different sizes and with different features. Though most importantly, some are more heavy-duty than others; if you are purchasing a portable car charger, be sure it can support the amperage needed to start your specific vehicle.


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Schumacher Schumacher SE-8050 4/30/60/200/300 Amp Manual Charger With Tester
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Schumacher)
  • Accommodates both 6 and 12-volt batteries
  • Ideal for fleet operations and industrial use
  • Has the ability to test batteries and alternators
  • Battery load tester tests 50 and 100-amps on 6 and 12-volt systems respectively
  • 30 amp rapid charge charges a 6V or 12V battery in 1-2 hrs
Schumacher Schumacher SE-1072 5/10 Amp Multi-Battery Charger
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Schumacher)
  • Can charge six 12-volt or twelve 6-volt batteries
  • Includes charger and 5 jumpers for connecting batteries in series
  • Fuse protects against overload and short-circuits
  • Ideal for low-rider cars or fleet and industrial operations
  • Charger dimensions measure 13 1/2 w x 11 h with a 13 diameter
  • This product cannot be shipped to Oregon or California
Basen BS4 FAST 18650 charger 4 bay usb AC/DC car adapter digital analyzer smart cirtuit protection combo efest ecig flat top i4 lcd li-ion 12v like nitecore d4 intellicharger 1amp universal portable
Speakers (Basen)
  • Can be on different specifications 10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/ 22650/ 25500/26650 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion battery charging at the same...
  • Available to 4 kinds of charging current (300ma, 500ma and 700ma, 1ma)
  • Each independent LCD displays independent battery charging parameters . Programmed to have 0 V voltage activation function, short circuit, bad battery intelligent...
  • With 5v/ 1mA USB output function
  • ✪ FREE Cigarette cable for charging on the go ✪
NOCO NOCO Genius GX4820 20 Amp 48V Ultrasafe Industrial Battery Charger
Automotive Parts and Accessories (NOCO)
  • 20-Amperes Ultra safe industrial battery Charger for 48-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries from 55-425ah, including wet cell, AGM, deep cycle and lithium-ion
  • Precision die-casted aluminum enclosure for superior air flow and durability - IP67 rated
  • Advanced diagnostics automatically detects a bad, damaged, or shorted batteries
  • Monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging, including spark-proof technology, reverse polarity and overcharge protection
  • Universal input design with detachable and replaceable a/c and D/c cables for a wide range of applications, like Golf carts, scissor lifts, utility and electric...
GONGNIU Copper Dual USB Car Charger from G.N., 3.6A/18W, Smart, Fast and Safe Charger for iPhone iPad Samsung Android Phones, 2017 iF Design Award Winner
Wireless (GONGNIU)
  • Blazing Charge Times - Boasting 2.4A current capacity in one port and 3.6A total, get safe, lightning fast battery charging times for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and...
  • Smart Charging Technology - Backed by the most advanced chip on the market, it s compatible with USB powered 5V devices and properly adjust to match their optimal...
  • Dual USB Efficiency - Charge two of your favorite devices at once, including smartphones, mobile devices, and certain gaming pads for on-the-go convenience and fun...
  • Award Winning Design - The 2017 iF German Design Award winner, our car charger offers a fashionable design and superior charging speeds, making it perfect for daily...
  • Advanced Protection - Each Gongniu product is carefully crafted using premium materials; all to ensure you stay safe from over-voltage, over-temperature, over-current...

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