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Pros: A turbocharged engine is typically more fuel efficient than a regular engine at a given horsepower; pleasant punch for passing and merging

Cons: It can be thirstier than a regular engine if you have a heavy foot; turbochargers themselves can fail and be costly to replace

Summary: If you're shopping for a car and see the term "turbo" or "turbocharged engine, " it means that the engine employs a device called a turbocharger. A turbocharger is an add-on part that uses recycled exhaust gases to increase power.

Turbocharged engines are very popular today because of their Jekyll and Hyde personality. Since the turbocharger generates extra power, it allows smaller turbocharged engines to equal larger nonturbocharged ones in acceleration. But because the turbocharged engines are smaller, they're also generally capable of better fuel economy. It's like having two engines in one: a small, economical engine for ordinary driving and a responsive, high-performance engine for passing and such.

But turbocharged engines are only more fuel efficient when you drive with a light foot. Once you get the turbocharger all worked up, even a small turbocharged engine can suck down gas just like those larger engines. So if you drive aggressively, you may want to consider a larger nonturbocharged engine, as you're not likely to see huge fuel economy gains with that driving style.

You also should consider that the turbocharger is another moving part that can fail. In fact, it often does fail during the life of the car. Not surprisingly, replacement turbochargers don't tend to be cheap.

What it means to you: In this era of ever-increasing fuel economy standards, the turbocharged engine is here to stay, and that's a good thing. Just don't necessarily expect miracles in terms of fuel economy, though some are very thrifty. "Your mileage may vary" is the operative phrase here.

maycom Maycom Creative Spinning New Chrome Polished Gunmetal Black Turbo Turbocharger Keychain Key Chain Ring Keyring Keyfob,make Whistle Sound
Automotive Parts and Accessories (maycom)
  • 3D Miniature Turbo Keychain,it can make Whistle Sound
  • Perfect Gifts For Car Fans and Lovers
  • Turbine will rotate when air is blown into it (see note below)
  • Assembled in 3 Primary Parts Similar to a Real Full Size Turbo
  • Creative design,very fashionable keychains, make you look different
Kinglooyuan LOOYUAN Car Fake Dump Valve Electronic Turbo Blow Off Valve Analog Sound BOV
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Kinglooyuan)
  • Meterial: ABS Plastic
  • Color: red-black
  • Height: 4.33 (11cm) (approx.)
  • Diameter:4.72 (12cm) (approx.)
  • Universal Auto parts car fake dump Valve electronic turbo blow off valve sound
waterwood Waterwood Creative Auto Parts Models Spinning Turbo Turbocharger Keychain Key Chain Ring-Silver
Automotive Parts and Accessories (waterwood)
  • A memorable and collectible keychain, fashion,creative gift for friends and car lovers.
  • Ideal companion of your Car keys,bags,cellphones or other wonderful objects.
  • There is a pin with a c-style clip that holds the impeller assemble to the back-plate.
  • Turbine will rotate when air is blown into it, however it doesn t make any noise.
  • 3D Miniature Turbo Model Keychain,strong JDM style,cool gadget to indentify youself as a car fans.
XINDELL XINDELL Turbo Whistle Keychain, Automotive Car Part Turbocharger Compressor Model, Sleeve Bearing Key Chain (Polished Silver)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (XINDELL)
  • Made of high quality zinc alloy.
  • Turbine will spin when air is blown into it.
  • Inside fan does spin & makes fan sound when blown at (Not Real Turbo Spool Sound)
  • This is sleeve bearing turbo keychain,there is no Real Turbo sound or Voice
  • Perfect gifts for turbo lovers.
Ixir Motorola DROID Turbo Charger Fast Micro USB 2.0 Cable Kit by Ixir - {Fast Wall Charger + Fast Car Charger + 2 Cable}
Wireless (Ixir)
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY SUPPORT AND MORE: Ixir offers a free lifetime replacement warranty for manufacturer defects and a full 30-day money-back guarantee...
  • CHARGER SET The Ixir Charger Set includes 2x USB to Micro-USB Cables True Digital Adaptive Fast Charging, which allows you to charge your phone from the USB port...
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES Works with Micro USB compatible devices Sync and transfer files via Micro-USB data cable. Works with brands such as (Not limited to) SAMSUNG...
  • UNIVERSAL CHARGING Ixir Charger set Charges all other non-fast devices will charge USB 2.0 phones and tablets that use Micro-USB at their normal speed. Syncs and...

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