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Look, I love horsepower. Few things in this life bring me joy like being thrown back into a seat when I floor a gas pedal. But the Charger Hellcat, simply put, suffers from a problem of diminishing returns. With 707 horses trying to make their way to the ground through two (comparatively) narrow 275/40/20 tires, the Hellcat can't deliver on the performance potential those supercar-spec numbers suggest.

Don't take that as a suggestion that the Charger Hellcat isn't fun, though. It is. The sort of fun that leads people to stand in line for two hours at Six Flags, the type of good time that leaves you wondering why your face is sore the next day, only to realize it's because you spent much of your time with your cheeks pinned into Joker smile. The kind of fun that usually gets outlawed in Australia.

Dab into the throttle, and the car immediately responds with a lurch as power rises like a humpback breaching a wave, awesome and terrifying in its seemingly endless proportions. With the traction control off, it drives like there's a permanent ice patch beneath the rear axle. Dare to floor it in first gear with all the safety nets disabled, and the ensuring smoke show will show up on Doppler radar. If it doesn't make you giggle, you're not human—or at least, not 'Murican.

But the Hellcat's more than just a burnout machine. Leave the car in Sport or Track mode to provide an electronic balance between grip and slip, and the big Dodge comes into its own. You begin to crave excuses to unleash all that power: on-ramps that enter on the left side of the interstate; stoplights on roads with 55-mph speed limits; side roads that cross perpendicular to four-lane highways.

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