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So wondering if any other s4 or samsung phone users have experienced such issue.

this am i grabbed my phone and noticed it didnt charge. I thought it was properly connected so I tried again - no sign of charging. Tried my wife's charger for another model samsung and nothing. power off/on, nothing. tried a charger in the living room - NOTHING. So at this point - crap.

get in my car, connect to the usb cable there which connects to the usb in the car - and it starts charging - ok that's odd but hopefully it's working.

get to work and try my work charger plugged in wall outlet - no luck.huh?

connect the usb cable from this work charger to my laptop and it starts charging, what?!?!

it's not the connector since it charges properly, it's not bent and no lint inside.

I even performed a factory reset thinking something screwy with kitkat4.4.4, but nope.

the phone works perfectly fine except for this charging issue.

any ideas?


Ok, so this was really weird. I was able to get my phone charged from the mere 10% to past 50% by turning it off and having it charging on my computer via usb.

On the drive home connected to my car and it once again charged on that cable.

Got home and tried the charger again - CHARGING! WTH!!??? So at this point I have no clue what fixed it. The only thing could be some software related issue when it dropped so low overnight due to the lack of charge? Possibly needed to charge the battery past 50% or other lower number for the software to kick in and charge properly? pffft, beats me. Either way I dont have to buy myself a phone for Christmas! :)

CauCau 10W Retractable Dual Output Car Charger with 3-Foot Charging Cable for Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, S4, S4 mini, S3, S3 mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 2, Google Nexus 6,5, 4, Motorola Moto X
Wireless (CauCau)
  • Rapid Retractable Dual Output Car Charger is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 Active/S4/S4 Mini/S3/S3 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / 2, Google Nexus 6 /5 /4, Motorola...
  • Design with Dual output that pushes out 2.1A with the 3 feet USB 2.0 coiled cable and 1.0 A with the other USB port.
  • Built in micro USB cable and one extra USB port. Simple, small and elegant design. Environmental ABS material, super compact form factor.
  • Protected with a built in over current and over voltage protection to help prevent over charging devices naturally or by earth s elements.
  • Simultaneous charging through two ports provides uninterrupted use of your devices navigation and media functions while on the road.

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